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“I am pleased to recommend Joe Wargo as an excellent accountant, who truly cares about those he is serving. Joe is Accountant for Texas Inmate Families Association and has been faithful in his attendance at our Board of Director meetings. He has provided TIFA with all financial information requested and has been available on short notice to advise the organization on any matter requiring his expertise. We feel blessed to have him on the TIFA team.”

Jim Nelson, Chairman of the Board
Texas Inmate Families Association

“Joe has been my personal and business accountant for a number of years. His character, integrity and deep desire to serve gives us a high level of trust. His wisdom and counsel are also very sound.”

José Carucci

“Joe has been my accountant for many years filing my business and my personal returns. His work ethic and quality of work are flawless. He is very thorough and is willing to take you through every detail I, have referred many friends to Joe and everyone has been as Blessed as I have.”

Scott McGill, Owner
Tanco Tanning Centers

“Mr. Wargo has a strong faith commitment and this shows in his commitment to his work. He has the customer in mind and works toward doing the best possible for his customer.”

Ashton C. Mouton, Jr.
MEGOHMS Consulting Services

“Joseph is a true professional that was able to assist in the building and expansion of my Small Business Corporation. With his expertise I was able to make executive decisions to excel the business and make the hard choices when appropriate. I was fortunate to have him on my team and would highly recommend him to others in the business community.”

Pete Perales, Owner
AC Depot

“Not only is Joe an excellent CPA, he can quickly determine the valuation of an enterprise. I trust Joe’s research on new projects and the sustainability of businesses that are in trouble.”

Glen Nickerson


139 Fossilstone Trail
Buda, Texas 78610


“Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.”
“In the end, we do not give an account of our lives, our lives give an account of us.”
Joe Wargo, CPA
"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within."
Will Durant
“True communication is defined by the response you get.”
Bill McCarley
“Currently accepting a limited number of new clients.”
Joe Wargo, CPA