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A trusting relationship…

Welcome to the office of Joe Wargo, CPA. You have reached a different kind of accounting firm. We hope that will become evident as you read the following paragraphs.

We seek first to be relevant to your aspirations, dreams, goals, plans and pursuits; in essence, relevant to your life. Within that context we tailor our services to your reality and deliver them in a format that you can relate to.

We consider very service we perform for you is an investment in your business – and an investment in your life, as well as in ours.

Whether it is accounting, business strategy, controllership, fraud risk, process improvement or tax services, our goal is to build long-term, client-focused relationship with you. But that is only the beginning.

We approach our relationship with you as if we were a partner in your business. We take the time to know and understand your business and your financial reality, which allows us to deliver personalized service to help you achieve your goals.

Simply put, we seek a long term, trusting relationship with you. We hope you feel the same.


139 Fossilstone Trail
Buda, Texas 78610


“Psychotherapy for your business.”
Joe Wargo, CPA
“In the end, we do not give an account of our lives, our lives give an account of us.”
Joe Wargo, CPA
"The twin killers of success are impatience and greed."
Jim Rohn
“Giving people something they don't want is abuse.”
Bill McCarley
"Most of our future lies ahead."
Denny Crum